What's Happening

     Tina Scariano recently made her solo show debut at the Holmdel Theatre Company. Celebrating the artists and the stories that made us, Feels Like Home is a throwback concert paying homage to storytelling legends like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Whitney Houston and more.  


Tina continues to star as Christina Crawford in multiple concerts of MOMMIE DEAREST: The musical (dir. Joe Barros), as well as tour the country as lead singer with A Band Called Honalee, a folk trio dedicated to the legacy of Peter, Paul and Mary.

When she’s not performing, Tina is making magic happen behind the scenes as a makeup artist, managing director, and podcaster. Stalk Tina on social media: @obsessedwiththebestpod @teenziano @tscarianomakeup

Make sure you check her out HERE!